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Frame Supported Structures
World’s Largest Fabric Structures

Hanger Structures
The Big Span principals have experience with the design, engineering, and fabrication of aircraft hangars with either fabric or metal cladding for large commercial aircraft as well as lightweight mobile structures for military aircraft and wing or tail enclosures for temporary maintenance.


Frame Supported Fabric structures have been utilized for major concert halls to accommodate musician and spectators in a perfect environments.


Steel and Fabric Installations
Big Span, designs and fabricates custom Space Frame systems which feature a unique bolt up system. Our Space frames are available in several architectural systems; from a standard planar Space Frame to a dramatic rolled arched show piece.

Reclamation Use

Big Span also designs and fabricated custom Canopy systems which feature an easy to install bolt up systems. Our Custom Architectural Canopies are only limited to your imagination. We also offer several structural framework types as well as finishes.


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